Hearthstone’s Unique Programs

Discovery Program          

The Discovery program is tailored to the needs of those experiencing mild or early-stage memory challenges. It’s also perfect for residents who enjoy new learning experiences.

Discovery features activities such as committee meetings, community volunteerism, and individualized learning stations that support participants’ self-esteem and confidence. There is also great emphasis placed on the use of art and culture for self-expression.

Vitality Program

In Vitality, programs are expertly adapted for persons experiencing the challenges associated with moderate or mid-stage dementia.

Vitality fosters a continued sense of identity, promotes social connection, and nurtures self-expression. The Vitality experience seeks to enrich the lives of its participants through engagement in creative arts, exercise groups, and a wide variety of clubs, classes and committees that provide residents with meaningful social roles.

Serenity Program

Serenity engages participants in a sensory rich program designed to meet the needs of those in the later stages of memory loss, or any resident who might benefit from a less stimulating environment for part of their day.

This carefully created program features individualized therapeutic spa programs, as well as cognitively stimulating experiences such as interactive art and photo viewings aimed at energizing and generating reminiscence.