The Hearthstone Way Comes to AHAVA

After thoughtful consideration, AHAVA Memory Care Residence has entrusted Hearthstone to provide the programming within our community. Hearthstone has been a recognized leader in the field of Alzheimer's care for over twenty years. Their mission is to create nurturing and welcoming environments where memory care residents can flourish.

Caregiving from the Heart

The Hearthstone Institute's I'm Still Here®  approach is founded on the philosophy of love. Caring for and building meaningful relationships with one another leads to a sense of well-being and understanding that reduces anxiety and enriches emotional life and memories.

Our resident's rooms are personalized with belongings and pictures to remind residents of who they are. But, these reminders are not simply for the resident. They also connect our caregivers more closely to the individual resident, quietly but eloquently communicating each resident’s life experiences. To us, our residents are not simply people in need of dignified memory care. Each person is a unique individual with a compelling story. Each has a life, a family and a legacy worth learning about.

At AHAVA Memory Care Residence, we create a comfortable and warm atmosphere where our caregivers celebrate and honor those that call our community home. 

A Focus on Health

As Alzheimer’s progresses, it is difficult for residents to voice health concerns. Our caregivers, including Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are attentive, watching for the slightest discomfort or change in function in each resident. We use a healthy lifestyle, art and music therapies, exercise, good nutrition and partnerships with physicians to prevent and treat medical problems. Our treatments can be so effective that residents may be able to reduce their medications.

Designed with Purpose

Warm and welcoming, AHAVA Memory Care Residence has been purposefully and professionally designed to offer residents a soothing and comforting environment that promotes their freedom and independence.

Built-in memory cues and naturally familiar places create physical surroundings that eliminate sources of frustration and support personal choice. Visually engaging paths encourage independent movement and accommodate pacing. Beautifully designed outdoor spaces, offering 24-hour access, promote well-being and independent actions.

Subtle physical cues have been incorporated at AHAVA Memory Care Residence to help those with Alzheimer’s disease be more confident in everyday activities. Color is used to calm and lift spirits, as well as offer an indirect means of wayfinding. Bright, even and consistent lighting helps residents be more aware of their surroundings and navigate more easily; natural light helps to assist with the natural rhythms of the body. Non-reflective flooring is used to reduce glare which can be disorienting for residents with memory challenges.