I’m Still Here® Programming

Dr. John Ziesel, the renowned and respected founder of The Hearthstone Institute, created the innovative I’m Still Here® approach to change the way residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia live engaging, meaningful and rewarding lives.

I’m Still Here® leads with the heart. It asserts that a joyful, fulfilling, and active life is still possible for adults with cognitive challenges. I’m Still Here® incorporates specific strategies and activities that make such lives a reality.

I’m Still Here® programming replaces dull, routine “busy work” with three levels of engaging activity experiences every day, throughout the day:

​​Dr. John Zeisel & The Hearthstone Institute

Dr. Zeisel founded The Hearthstone Institute to combine I’m Still Here® methods with communities designed to support them. Homelike surroundings reduce dementia symptoms and encourage activity and connection. These intentionally designed environments play a significant role in the health and emotional well-being of residents.

Exclusive Company

The Jewish Association on Aging is now one of a few elite Hearthstone-certified Memory Care Centers in the United States. AHAVA Memory Care Residence embodies all of Dr. Zeisel’s research and findings.