A Life of Purpose & Joy for Those Living with Memory Loss

Date and Time: 
09/13/2017 - 11:00am

Location: 200 JHF Drive, Pittsburgh
On the JAA Campus in Squirrel Hill

“By engaging a person in what they can do – in new and interesting things . . . the arts, the outdoors, going to museums, watching parts of movies – all of these are based on a belief the person is still there. Once you believe that, you have a wonderful gift – a meaningful relationship.” 

- Dr. John Zeisel, Founder of The Hearthstone Institute

Join us as Dr. Zeisel, internationally renowned memory care expert, shares details about Hearthstone’s unique I’m Still Here® philosophy and its fundamental premise: Everyone deserves a life worth living. You’ll learn how the Hearthstone approach enhances the lives of residents at AHAVA Memory Care Residence – and how we can help your loved one.

Hearthstone is the very heart of life at our community. From purposeful design to engaging daily activities, AHAVA’s team has one common goal: to ensure every single resident enjoys a life full of purpose, joy and love.